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May 3, 2021 Comments (0)

What is the cost for Epoxy Floor Coating for Industry?

Jemkon Pvt Ltd is the leading Epoxy Flooring Manufacturer in India, provides excellent and durable epoxy flooring service for all your industrial and commercial verticals with skilled and experienced  professionals epoxy floor installers.
The cost of epoxy flooring depends on various following factors:
1. Area/ Volume of job:
Volume/ Quantum has always been a significant factor while deciding the price for any sale, as larger quantities tend to get more price benefits.
The price per square feet or square meter for Large epoxy flooring areas would be lower than smaller sizes.
Since epoxy floorings are mostly done in two or more layers and each layer involves a certain amount of curing/ waiting time, small areas take a long time to complete compared to large sizes (compared to area completed versus time taken). E.g., An area of 500 square feet with 3mm thickness can be completed within 72 hours by three people. Also, the same workforce can also complete an area of 700 square feet, i.e 200 square feet more within the same time frame. Hence large areas reduce labor cost in epoxy floor coatings.
2. Thickness Required for epoxy flooring:
The thickness of epoxy floor coating required would depend on the following various factors:
a) Load on the floor
The load can be further categorized as Static Load & Dynamic load.
i) Static Load:
The static load includes any stationary thing like machinery, equipment, etc., used in factory floors. These would not be counted for the load stress too much unless they are shifted daily. Static items will play an essential role if they are moved on the floor after the epoxy floor coating is installed. If the machinery’s weight is too heavy, then bringing it after the entire epoxy floor coating is installed can cause damage to the freshly laid epoxy floorings. To tackle this problem, we can first paint the area where the machine needs to be placed. Once the epoxy coating is cured, the device can be commissioned and installed. By doing this, we also ensure that every inch of the surface is coated with epoxy flooring. We can do this exercise for all the areas where static and heavy weighed objects need to be placed. Once all the Static and heavy machines are placed, the second phase would be to paint the remaining area. In this way, we can avoid severe damages and unnecessary scratches to the freshly laid epoxy floor coating. This activity would increase the labor cost since the job will be required to be done in phases. Hence static Load areas can be painted with lower thickness as compared to other areas.
ii) Dynamic load:
The dynamic load is one of the most crucial factors to consider while calculating epoxy floor coating thickness. The dynamic load will include machinery and vehicles moving on the floor. Other factors like the weight of the equipment/ vehicle, type of wheel in trolleys (Rubber, Nylon, PU, Steel, etc.), wheel size, etc. Large and soft rubber wheels with more contact areas are better compared to small and hard wheels.
The higher thickness would be recommended for factories with more traffic and movement. Experts and experience suggest a minimum of 3mm and up to 5mm thick coating to have a durable and long life for industrial epoxy floor coatings.Steroid Conversion Calculator | Medical Calculator purchasing anabolic steroids protein-packed anabolic overnight oats recipe
Areas with only pedestrian movement can go for as low as 1mm thickness of epoxy flooring.
b) Frequency of vehicular movement:
Factories with continuous vehicular traffic movement would require a higher thickness of epoxy flooring coating than factories with less movement. Also, any damages in the high-frequency movement areas need to be repaired immediately as they can otherwise be harmful by causing an accident due to uneven/ damaged floors.
c) Surface Condition:
Surface conditions are again a significant factor in the cost of Epoxy Flooring as a lousy surface can cause severe damage to the freshly epoxy flooring. There are different kinds of treatments for various substrates. A strong, sound, and the leveled surface is required for making perfect and successful epoxy flooring.
Floors with oil would need a burning procedure or solvent and chemical wash, further increasing the cost. Floors with old coatings would be required to scrap and grind before laying fresh epoxy flooring. Porous floors will require multiple coats of epoxy-based primer. Loose and damaged floors may need to be repaired with epoxy mortars to strengthen the mother substrate before applying the final epoxy topcoats.
Floors with joints, potholes, and damaged patches will also have to be filled, repaired, and leveled before applying the final epoxy floor topcoats.
3. Type of Epoxy Flooring:  
There are three major chemistries in epoxy flooring, Solvent-free epoxy flooring, solvented epoxy flooring, water-based epoxy floor coating. Various types of epoxy flooring is one of the main factors to decide the cost of epoxy flooring.
Types of epoxy floor coatings:
a) Self Leveling epoxy flooring (Most widely used), b) Anti Static epoxy floor coating, c) ESD epoxy floor coating, d) Conductive epoxy floor coating, e) Anti-skid (Quartz broadcasted) epoxy floor coatings, f) Chemical resistant epoxy flooring, etc.
These can be further customized as gloss, semi-gloss, and Matt finishes. Prices of epoxy flooring differ for each of the types mentioned above.
These are the main factors of epoxy flooring on the basis of which you can decide the cost of Epoxy Flooring. Jemkon Pvt Ltd delivers you excellent and highly durable epoxy flooring service at the best price all across India. We are also experts in other services such as terrace roof waterproofing, car parking flooring, PU floor coating, DIY Acrylic paint and Primer, Wall Coating and Coving Service.  To know more about our service and the cost of our epoxy flooring service please contact us quickly.


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