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PU Self Level Flooring

Jemkon’s range of polyurethane self level flooring is best suited for both decorative and functional where you get beauty and strength at the same time. This innovative technology, fast-drying, higher solids, and long pot life delivery PU self level flooring system also gives you the super-fast hardness development you need to get back on your floor in the minimum possible time. We leading epoxy floor manufacturer in Pune also provides unique PU self level flooring with its outstanding flexibility and crack bridging properties.

PU self-level flooring generally consists of resinous material with a combination of filler, which includes resin, hardener, filler, and color. These are mixed on-site and applied within a particular time frame. Wide options of color customization are possible and application can be done from as low as few microns to few millimeters, but for self-leveling properties, at least 1mm thickness is recommended. Our PU based self levelling for floors are easy to use and protect the base substrate from heavy foot traffic and are widely recommended for the food industry and cleanroom applications. 

The extensive properties of self-level polyurethane coating offer tremendous design freedom in floor design and customization as needed. Additional color chips or other design elements can easily be added to transparent or single-color during application to create a decorative and durable carpet that is seamless, colorful, hygienic, UV resistant and provides long-lasting floor protection. Jemkon offers PU self level flooring service at best rates and within a time frame. Contact us to get more information about the best epoxy flooring solutions in Pune.

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