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Epoxy Hybrid Flooring Coating

Jemkon’s Epoxy and Polyurethane hybrid floorings are water-dispersed technology, green initiative chemistry which has very high abrasion resistance, UV resistance. Jemkon Epoxy Flooring Coating can be used for wide applications from flooring, epoxy wall coatings, metal structures, epoxy waterproofing system etc.

Being water-based and hybrid the pot fife is longer than regular floorings and has the advantage of low odor and low VOC content. Our epoxy and polyurethane hybrid flooring generally consists of resinous material, which includes resin and hardener. These are applied at a thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm, with wide color options available.

To get the best epoxy and polyurethane hybrid flooring solution for your industry or commercial use , contact Jemkon today to inquire about our Epoxy flooring service. 

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