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Chemical Resistance Epoxy Floor

Jemkon is the best chemical resistance epoxy floor manufacturer in Pune offers various chemistries of epoxy floor coating, PU flooring and Novolac floor coating for industries that require tough, durable concrete protection against damage from a range of harsh substances and chemicals.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial, concrete substrates are porous by nature and without the proper protective coating, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other compounds can be absorbed by the concrete surface and make the concrete deteriorate eventually. Our chemical resistant epoxy flooring is designed to penetrate and seal the concrete to form a tough and impermeable surface.

Our floor coating provides excellent advantages as a floor topping and secondary containment lining, furnishing superior chemical resistance, high acid, and alkali resistance, durable, resistance to impact load, wear and tear, crack bridging, while maintaining low permeability. Our chemical resistant floor coating is multi-functional in its ability to protect concrete from exposure to corrosive chemicals and a range of extreme pH materials that would have otherwise damaged other types of floor toppings linings. Jemkon’s chemical resistant epoxy flooring systems are seamless, 100% solids, resurfacing systems with High Chemical Resistance, which can be applied as a thin coating in few microns, or combined with aggregates to achieve higher thickness.

We at Jemkon use specialized efforts to give excellent industrial epoxy flooring solutions to customers based on their needs and requirements. Contact Us to get started .

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